FREE Webinar: Future education

Learn the latest skills

In this webinar you will get an introduction to futures studies as a science and future skills. You will learn about different ways of handling problems using conversational and negotiation skills. Engage in a brief workshop that emphasizes collaborative conflict resolution, harnessing the power of imagination, and attentive listening through the orange method. Prepare yourself to refine your skills and contemplate a future where problem-solving is approached with success in mind.

  • 17th January, 16:00 CET, online

Webinar programme

  • Introduction into futures studies as a science and strengthening the belief that a good future is achievable
  • Workshop: How we can solve conflicts together by using our imagination and listening carefully to the others - the orange method


Main organiser / trainer

Tuovi Ronkainen

  • Former principal of Akaa Secondary School 
  • Student in University of Turku (futures studies), future coach 
  • Biology and geography teacher 
  • Project Ambassador of ESHA (European School Heads Association)  
  • Coordinator of Comenius and Erasmus+ projects in many schools 
  • Former network coordinator of Baltic sea Project (National Board of Education) 

She has been working on many ecological projects both at the national and international levels. Her special area is future education: how to get a positive approach to the future and how to get the skills to solve wicked problems like climate change