FREE Webinar: Practical STEAM Education

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Technology surrounds our daily life, but how much do we understand it and even better are able to modify it? This is why demand for STEAM-education is growing. Often focus is on electronics, coding and robotics, but alongside is needed practical skills and knowledge of how materials, physics, design process and tools work. Finland has the world's longest history of craft & technology education in primary school, over 130 years. Today this legacy and knowledge has developed to the most versatile K12 STEAM-education, where students use a large variety of materials, tools and machines to create and learn. With this webinar you will get an insight into Finnish solutions on technology education, by engaging in a brief workshop emitted directly from Teijo Makerspace, where focus is on learning by doing!

  • 19 March, 16:00 CET, online

Webinar programme

  • Introducing Finnish solutions on safe and versatile technology education
  • Workshop: Tools to enhance STEAM teaching in future