Welcome to the benchmarking courses of Euneos!

More than 1000 Erasmus+ guests in benchmarking courses of Euneos

More than 1000 Erasmus+ guests in benchmarking courses of Euneos!

Schools and teachers are looking forward to Euneos courses that will allow them to complement their skills in a versatile and reliable way. Euneos FI offers Erasmus+ courses in 6 categories and for two dozens of topics. Our training comprises the main part of school subjects. 

As a Finnish-Estonian course organizer, Euneos lays a special focus on compulsory education in Finland and Estonia, which we know best. Our course coaches and presenters govern the domestic education - so to say -  by heart. School education in these countries has attracted international attention, as the PISA achievements of Estonian and Finnish students have been the best in Europe.

This is why Euneos FI created the model of Erasmus+benchmarking courses in 2014. The benchmarking model hit the core of European development in schools. Since then more than 1,000 teachers and principals have already participated in our benchmarking courses in Helsinki and Estonia. Also in the spring of 2022, schools in the rest of Europe will again have the opportunity to learn about the best practices of these two renowned performers in education. 

We strongly believe that the threat of corona virus will be slowing down in these countries by the spring. Understandably, we suggest that visits to the twin cities of Helsinki and Tallinn be combined. It is factually, environmentally and economically sustainable and reasonable. 

Welcome to the benchmarking courses of Euneos!

Ilpo Halonen Euneos FI

Senior teacher, M.A.

Course provider, developer of benchmarking courses

Participants of Euneos courses share their experiences of the Original Best Practices Benchmarking Course organized in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia.