Euneos COVID 19 safety policy & recommendations

Welcome to safe courses!

Euneos takes the health of our customers very seriously.

During the worst epidemic months, our course offering was fully on-line. Online courses continue to be available, but with the improving COVID situation, we are also able to restart our onsite courses.


Spacious rooms are used, in order to ensure safe distance between participants.

Hand disinfectant is always available.

All participants should make sure they are vaccinated, and use of face mask is recommended.


Please follow the authorities' information on current travel restrictions. Vaccination passport is required in most countries. Course participants are responsible for following the latest restrictions and requirements. Euneos is not liable for any restrictions set by the authorities.

Euneos recommendations for all participants concerning COVID 19

- The participant

  has to comply with the rules of entry to country and venue

  needs to have full health insurance during the whole period of course

  should take a self test at the beginning of course

  goes to an official test if symptoms or a negative result of self test

  infected or exposured to COVID 19, has no physical contact with the group

-an unvaccinated person

  should take a self test each day.

Welcome to safe courses!