Green travel to Euneos' courses in Finland

Through the Baltic countries or Sweden

Euneos' course locations in Finland are Helsinki, Oulu, Rovaniemi, and Ivalo in Inari. Green travel by rail, bus, or shared car transport can be done either through the Baltic countries or Sweden.

Via Baltica is a smooth route to Helsinki. Crossing the Gulf of Finland from Tallinn to Helsinki can be done in two hours with frequently operating car ferries.

To the course locations in Northern Finland, such as Oulu, Rovaniemi, and Ivalo, one can also travel through Sweden and cross the border at the twin cities of Haparanda and Tornio.

The Erasmus+ program's distance calculator calculates the distances from Helsinki to Oulu as 539.36 km, to Rovaniemi as 704.94 km, and to Ivalo as 952.16 km. Travel by rail is possible to Oulu and as far as Rovaniemi, but not to Ivalo.

The Erasmus+ program suggests that green travel should be used for all journeys under 500 km. In other words, it's a rule for course participants coming to Helsinki on an Erasmus+ course from Riga or Tallinn.

According to the distance calculator, the distances from other Baltic Sea capitals to Helsinki are as follows:

Vilnius - Helsinki 609.73 km

Copenhagen - Helsinki 882.08 km

Warsaw - Helsinki 914.95 km

Berlin - Helsinki 1106.17 km

By choosing green travel, a school or educational institution receives increased support for its mobility. The Erasmus+ program defines the increases in support as follows:

The travel time may also increase by 1-2 days each way.

The National Erasmus+ Office can

assist applicants with questions regarding green travel.