Future of Erasmus Courses

How European Teachers rate Euneos courses and what do they have to say about the quality we offer

Euneos team are dedicated to offering solely quality trainings that will entirely meet your needs and will ensure fruition. In order to learn more about the needs and preferences of our teachers and their schools, Euenos launched the first in the series “Customer Survey: Future of Erasmus Courses”. Here at Euneos, we were agog to also learn the level of satisfaction form the participants who have already been part of our experiences. Transparency being one of Euneos priorities, we, as always, share these results with you as well:  


From ”1 - not what I expected from the course” to “5 - this course exceeded my expectations “, our former participants gave Euneos the amazing average rating of 4.46: 




Euneos top popular courses by categories: 

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 Euneos kept its promise and has already introduced more training dates than ever. This is how we improve based on your answers: 

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Tech Toolbox for Teachers

  • 2 - 8 July 2023, Porto, Portugal
  • 16 - 22 July, 2023 Thessaloniki, Greece

Sustainability - Teaching Eco Skills

  • 4 - 10 June 2023, Inari/Lapland, Finland



 Euneos proudly presents its four top locations according to the participants in our survey: 

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Euneos is ever grateful to our valued Teachers for their trust: 



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