Meet Euneos' driving force

The founders of Euneos from left to right: Ilpo Halonen, Ludo Mateusen, Pentti Pirhonen

Euneos' success story stems from the Comenius 3 network Comp@ct, back in 2005, led by Pentti Pirhonen. Pentti Pirhonen and Ilpo Halonen from Finland and Ludo Mateusen, Belgian living in The Netherlands, consolidated their competences and expertise and established a spin-off by the name of Euneos. It did not take long to kindle the crave for excellence in professional development of European and global educational institutions by tailoring high-quality courses adjusted to the contemporaneous needs and trends. Parallelly, throughout the years, Euneos assembled a noteworthy international team of highly competent trainers, most experienced in the field of their expertise. They are Euneos' biggest asset!

Core Team

Ilpo Halonen 

  • Chair of board of course provider Euneos, Finland 
  • School Counselor and a Language teacher (retired) 
  • Trainer and consultant of educational ICT
  • Author of lesson books and online exercises. 

Heidi Veikkolainen

  • Course administration and billing

Spasia Neshkoska Tsutsuleska 

  • Project management
  • Course administration
  • Customer service
  • Course trainer

Jenni Sippala

  • Course assistant

Thomas De Bluts

  • Coding and robotics
  • Web developer


Mart Laanpere, PhD 

  • Professor at Tallinn University, Estonia
  • Head of the R&D Centre for Educational Technology in Tallinn University 
  • Former mathematics and physics teacher and school principal
  • Member of board of course provider Euneos, Finland 

After working as a mathematics & physics teacher and school principal, he has been involved in teacher education and educational technology research for last 20 years. Mart has been contributing to international research projects focusing on the use of mobile technology and social software in teaching and learning. He is coordinating the training of school teams in the project “Digital Turn towards 1:1 Computing” funded by Samsung (; and expert in school digital innovation and change

Petri Ilmonen

  • piTRY Education & TRYcamps Language School Founder & Director 
  • Master's Degree, ESL-certificate 

Tuovi Ronkainen  

  • Former principal of Akaa Secondary School 
  • Student in University of Turku (futures studies), future coach 
  • Biology and geography teacher 
  • Project Ambassador of ESHA (European School Heads Association)  
  • Coordinator of Comenius and Erasmus+ projects in many schools 
  • Former network coordinator of Baltic sea Project (National Board of Education) 

She has been working on many ecological projects both at the national and international levels. Her special area is future education: how to get a positive approach to the future and how to get the skills to solve wicked problems like climate change.

Jan Hormann 

  • Former international coordinator at Jac.P.Thijsse College (Netherlands) 
  • International coordinator and member of the international jury of Eumind 
  • Projects initiator and coordinator of Comenius and Erasmus+ projects at his school 
  • eTwinning ambassador 
  • National eTwinning prize winner 2014 
  • Freelance internationalization advisor

Frans Schmitz 

  • Former principal of Udens College (Uden – The Netherlands), a school very active in a wide range of international activities 
  • Former president of the International Committee of the Association of school leaders for secondary education in The Netherlands 
  • Former member of the General Board of ESHA (European School Heads Association)  
  • Former advisor to Nuffic (National Agency in The Netherlands) to support schools in setting up a solid school policy on internationalization now cold Global Citizen Network

Spasia Neshkoska Tsutsuleska 

  • International project coordinator 
  • Former external expert evaluator for Erasmus+ projects 
  • Former eTwinning ambassador 
  • Member of the international jury of Eumind projects 
  • Former principal of a vocational school in North Macedonia
  • Master studies in Education and Globalization, Oulu University, Finland

Peter Rafferty

  • Primary teacher in Green Park Primary, Liverpool (UK). 
  • Presenter and trainer in UK and Europe

His school was at the forefront of the UK educational blogging revolution and has influenced, guided and led the way in which schools have used blogging as a platform to engage locally, nationally and internationally.

Tuula Asikainen 

  • Received a Presidential award in Finland for her work on the internationalisation of education 
  • experience in launching and teaching in CLIL programmes with English as the CLIL language 
  • taught in primary, secondary, upper secondary and vocational education, and has also worked as a school principal 
  • teacher trainer in and organiser of CLIL courses, programmes and seminars for over 20 years 
  • coordinated and taught dozens of CLIL teacher professional development courses across Europe 
  • involved in a number of national and international CLIL projects, including the CLIL Cascade Network (CCN). CCN involved 21 partner institutions from 14 countries. The network was dedicated to encouraging the use of CLIL in teaching and learning at all levels of education. The project was financed by the European Union from 2007 to 2010 
  • 2004-2012 Tuula worked as an external evaluator for the European Commission 
  • 2012–2014, Tuula was based in the United Arab Emirates working for the Abu Dhabi Education Council (2012–2014). Her work there included facilitation of academic reading and writing 
  • development for teacher professional development and MA programmes

Peeter Mehisto 

  • Award winning author and teacher educator with over 20 years’ experience in delivering courses on bilingual education and CLIL. He has also worked extensively on CLIL programme developmen 
  • Hands-on experience teaching at the primary, secondary and university levels 
  • Lead or sole author of: CLIL Essentials for Secondary School Teachers (Cambridge University Press); Uncovering CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning in Bilingual and Multilingual; Education (Macmillan); Excellence in Bilingual Education: Guidance for School Principals (Cambridge University Press); Building Bilingual Education Systems: Forces, Mechanisms and Counterweights (Cambridge University Press) 
  • Currently co-authoring a book on how Estonia has surpassed Finland in Science and Maths results as measured by PISA. 
  • Worked primarily in Europe and Asia with a wide variety of stakeholders to support the development and management of CLIL programmes, at the primary, secondary and university levels 
  • extensive experience developing and delivering professional development for teachers, and other CLIL stakeholders in countries as diverse as Brazil, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, South Korea and Vietnam. This has included one-on-one mentoring in CLIL classrooms 

Ms. Westling 

  • Educational psychologist and expert in the field with both grass root teaching experience from school and teacher education as well as research from these environments

She has a broad and holistic view of education and a deep understanding of human mind and learning. She has graduated from and later taught new students in an innovative program of educational psychology at the University of Helsinki. Her teaching has included lecturing, supervising pre-service-teachers’ practice, and facilitating group processes and process-oriented group studies. In her research she studies the quality of regulation of students’ learning and activity, at school and at teacher education. She has worked as an expert in educational program design at an academic level as well as in the world of international organizations.

Mrs. Tup Bertley 

  • Native ESL-Teacher, Head Teacher 
  • Master's Degree, TEFL & TOEFL –certificates 

Jussi Koivisto

  • Head of Pedagogy at Code School Finland
  • Teaching concepts and pedagogy of programming, robotics and AI.

Dr Martin Sillaots

  •  associate professor of serious games, Tallinn University, Estonia

Karoliina Mutanen, M. Ed, class teacher

  • Teacher since 2010

- experienced and innovative elementary school teacher

- worked both in Finland and abroad

- student council counsellor

  • keen life-long-learner
  • experienced early level language teacher and works at the moment as English CLIL teacher
  •  Tutor teacher, digital learning and media education
  • enthusiastic about STEAM education

At the moment I am working as a participation specialist and reinforcing student participation and involvement in society. I am convinced that engaged children and youth are more motivated learners and it is easier to find their full potential. I love to use a wide range of technology during the lessons. My goal is to inspire children to find their love for learning!

Jenni Sipola, M. Ed, Class Teacher

  • Teacher since 2001
  • Master of Education
  • 4th grade classroom teacher
  • Tutor teacher (digital skills, STEAM education)
  • Fulbright Distinguished Awards on Teaching 2020-2021, Arizona StateUniversity 2022

Experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the primary schools and as a tutor teacher. Skilled in lesson planning, E-Learning, STEAM education, projects, international cooperation, interdisciplinary teaching, outdoor activities and educational leadership. Strong education professional with a Master of Education (MEd) focused in Education from University of Joensuu. Fulbright Distinguished Awards on Teaching 2020-2021, Arizona State University.

Eveliina Könönen, MA, Language Teacher

  • Teacher since 2003
  • Language teacher (Swedish and French), working in an international school since 2006
  • Social-emotional skills teacher
  • Tutor teacher in a social-emotional skills team
  • Project specialist (2022-2023) in a nationwide project: Operation SKY, Engaging School Community Work
  • Master of Arts (the degree including pedagogical studies), University of Tampere
  • Studies in positive pedagogy and well-being skills (Positive Education Oy), Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T.) Instructor (Gordon Training International)

I am a language and social-emotional skills teacher with experience working in different educational levels (from elementary school to adult education). I have also been working as a tutor teacher (in social-emotional skills team) and as a project specialist (Engaging School Community work).

Natalija Aceska, PhD

  • Biology teacher and former principal of a VET school in North Macedonia
  • Advisor at the Bureau for Development of Education, Ministry of Education and Science of North Macedonia 
  • Executive director of "Knowledge Harvest" NGO , North Macedonia
  • EPAN (European Policy Advice Network) expert and an ETINED (European Committee on Democracy and Governance) expert
  • One of Council of Europe project's leaders on integrating the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (RFCDC) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in education
  • Certified GLOBE International trainer 
  • Scientix Ambassador of Scientix Project for North Macedonia 

She has completed a doctoral dissertation exploring the integration of education for sustainable development into the educational process. As an author, she has a portfolio encompassing research works and manuals that address key aspects of education, sustainable development, and STEM initiatives. She has actively conducted numerous training sessions and workshops, sharing insights and fostering professional development within the educational community.

Melina Rauhala

Ms. Rauhala (BA) is an enthusiast in lifelong learning. She has worked for VisitEDUfinn as a school visit coordinator during the school year 2022-2023 and is currently working as a freelancer lecturer/host. She is an education professional, completing her Master of Arts in Education by summer 2024. As a part of her studies, she is completing teacher training studies in adult education and learning by Spring 2024. During her studies, she has been focusing on psychology, business administration, and sociology. Ms. Rauhala is especially interested in adult learning and the Finnish education system. Melina has up-to-date academic knowledge of education. 

Melina’s interests include comparative and international education, and she believes you can change the world through education.